Vietcombank launches online account opening service authenticated by eKYC

On June 1, Vietcombank officially launched the online account opening service with breakthrough technology, helping customers to open an account at any time, anywhere, not limited by space and time.

Open an account without going to the bank

The new service of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) uses the eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) online identification solution, customers only need to download the Vietcombank application on the Appstore/Google Play market, enter the number phone, take a photo of your identity document (ID card/citizen identity card or passport), face authentication is an instant account to use.

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The service applies to customers who are 18 years old and have never made a transaction (without a CIF number) at Vietcombank. Along with the new account number, customers are also allowed to register for VCB Digibank by default to make all online transactions with a limit of up to VND 100 million per month. If you want to have a larger transaction limit, you only need to go to any Vietcombank transaction point to increase the limit.
With VCB Digibank, customers can easily perform hundreds of modern financial transactions such as money transfer, mobile top-up, online savings, electricity/water/telecommunication bill payment, payment. by QR code, book movie tickets, book flight / train / car tickets, book hotel rooms, shop online and many other transactions.

Free to choose account number by phone number

When registering for the online account opening service, customers can choose an account number by phone number. Vietcombank's system will automatically check the number store and suggest the account number according to the customer's phone number (if it is still in stock). This service is provided completely free of charge and does not require any additional conditions.

“0 fee” money transfer

When opening an online account, customers are defaulted to register for the VCB Plus account package to transfer money completely free of charge both inside and outside the system on VCB Digibank.
For 3 months from the time of launch, Vietcombank is free to maintain the VCB Plus account package for customers. After this time, customers only need to maintain an average balance of demand on their checking account each month from 4 million VND to continue to receive the free package. Customers can also switch or stop using the Account Package at any time right on VCB Digibank.

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Cash withdrawal at ATM without card

After successfully opening an account, customers can withdraw money at Vietcombank's ATMs through the "Withdraw with QR code" feature integrated right on VCB Digibank, without having to use a card. If you want to use the card, you can apply for a domestic debit card (Connect24) or an international debit card (Visa/Master) right during the online account opening process and receive the card later at the transaction points. of the bank.
Vietcombank started to launch its digital transformation strategy from 2019. By July 2020, Vietcombank pioneered the consolidation of online transaction platforms and launched VCB Digibank. The launch of eKYC-authenticated online account opening service continues to affirm Vietcombank's strong and consistent steps in the digital transformation journey to bring simple and optimal digital experiences to customers. .

Attractive offers when opening an account online

During the period from June 1 to July 31, when opening an online account, customers will be able to participate in the promotion program "Open an account online - Super offer with 1-0-2" with dialing gifts especially lucky is 1 passbook worth 1 billion VND and 100 savings books worth 5 million VND.
In addition, the first 10,000 customers who open an online account in each month will be given 100,000 VND to the account. The total prize value of the program is up to 3.5 billion VND. 

Instructions for opening an online account

To open an online account, customers just need to follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Download Vietcombank app on Appstore/Google Play.
Step 2: Open the application and select “Open an account for new customers”.
Step 3: Enter the phone number and verify the phone number.
Step 4: Take a photo of your ID and verify your face.
Step 5: Select the service and complete the registration. 

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