The race to 'create the same AI chatbots'

AI chatbots put tech giants in a race, but users have to pay to use tools that aren't much different.

According to Forbes , the technology world is witnessing a war similar to the 1990s, when Microsoft and Netscape faced off to bring the best browser . In just 5 years, the two technology giants have continuously changed and added features to the browser such as HTML tags, plugins and updates.

"It seems we are about to relive those days when Microsoft, Google, Meta, Apple and countless startups are fighting to create AI chatbots," the site commented.

Google introduced the text-to-image conversion model at the Google AI@ event in November 2022 in Manhattan, USA. Photo: AP

On February 8, Google changed the name of chatbot Bard to Gemini , which can be packaged as an Android application to serve users. They call Gemini Ultra 1.0 the world's most powerful AI model, able to work on many formats from photos, audio, text to video. Some initial test results based on 20 reviews show that Gemini Ultra is slightly better than OpenAI's GPT-4 on language processing and reasoning tasks.

Chirag Dekate, Vice President of technology analysis company Gartner, said that Google is putting pressure on its opponents, pulling the giants into a new war. Fortune also evaluated the launch of Gemini Ultra 1.0 as a shot to show the new front line of technology companies: AI chatbots.

"It feels like the gun has just been pulled. Artificial AI will change the world in countless ways that humans have not yet imagined," AIjourn commented on the event when Google changed Bard's name to Gemini and planned to charge a service fee.

Google requires users to pay $20 a month for the premium version of Gemini. The company will bring generative AI into familiar platforms such as Docs and Sheets to help improve work performance. Meanwhile, Microsoft charges $30 a month for those who want AI CoPilot in office software suites like Word and Excel. OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus premium version is priced at 20 USD a month. Elon Musk also launched the Grok chatbot and charged a fee of 16 USD.

In the generative AI craze, users are willing to pay for AI to answer questions like which running shoes to buy, based on personalized insights about preferences, weekly miles, and problems. about heels, knees... not the amount of money Nike or Adidas pay for advertising to be mentioned first. Chatbots are also considered to be improving every day, with each generation showing its outstanding abilities. However, according to Forbes , the anomaly in the war is that a series of AI tools have been launched but all offer nearly equivalent features and experiences.

"Technological value can be found in many unexpected ways. But it's hard to imagine a world that needs so many chatbots on the monthly spending list. When the AI ​​chatbot war subsides, we will see I wasted time, money and attention creating the same product," Forbes wrote.

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