Ways to increase income from the Internet in 2024

Working as an online assistant, online tutor, completing surveys or writing mobile apps can help you earn some extra income.

The world economy in 2023 will continue to decline, as most countries will be hit by the tightening monetary policies of central banks. However, 2024 is forecast to be more positive, when inflation has cooled down and the wave of interest rate increases has stopped.

CBS believes that the prospect of increasing income in the new year is therefore brighter, especially for those who can work online. Below are simple, but effective ways to make money on the Internet.

Do paid surveys

The possibility of increasing income in 2024 is forecast to increase when the world economy improves. Photo: Reuters

The paid survey model is quite popular in the world. Many companies accept payment to hear consumers' opinions. You just need to go to websites specializing in surveys and register for an account to get started.

The more surveys you complete, the more you earn. Although this can't make you rich, Time magazine says this is a pretty easy part-time job. You can earn up to 100 USD per month.

Be an online assistant

In the era of remote and flexible working, finding help online is also increasingly popular. With just a few minutes of searching on career websites like Indeed or LinkedIn, you can find many online assistant jobs.

The task of these people is also to support customers. But mainly answering emails, translating documents, preparing speeches, organizing documents, work schedules, and work schedules, to help customers focus on other issues in life. CBS said that if you can handle these jobs online, the income is quite attractive. Recruitment website Flex Jobs estimates the average hourly income for this profession is 17 USD.

Resell household items

There are always items in your house that you feel are unnecessary or no longer used. It could be kitchen utensils, furniture or clothes.

As long as they are still in good use, you can open a stall on a classifieds website to resell them. You might be surprised at the demand and how much money you get from them.

Work freely

Online freelance jobs are very diverse. If you are working in some profession, such as a writer, photographer or graphic designer, the possibility of finding a job online is very high. And because the requirements for these services are similar to working offline, you will not encounter many difficulties when working online, and may even ask for a higher price.

Online tutor

The days of having to sit next to students to teach are over. Currently, you can teach via Zoom or other online meeting platforms, whenever you have free time. Depending on experience and qualifications, you can ask for a suitable salary.

Write applications

Mobile apps are more popular than ever, and people are willing to pay for software that works for them. If you have an idea and are good at programming, you can write an application and post it online. If you only have an idea, you can still cooperate with people who know programming to create a product.

Affiliate Marketing

Word of mouth advertising is always a very powerful marketing channel. Therefore, many companies are willing to give a portion of their profits to individuals who can convince others to buy products for them. If you have a personal page with a large number of followers, you can make money from this quite easily by posting product links or advertising banners on your page.

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