iPhone maker launches electric car Foxconn

TAIWAN The famous electronics company has just launched a new electric pickup model in Taipei, demonstrating its ambition to establish a position in the auto industry.

At Foxconn's annual Tech Day event just now, the company launched a two-wheel drive electric pickup model, with the introduction of "the first electric pickup designed and developed in Taiwan". The Model V is a 4-door, 5-seater pick-up that can carry one ton of cargo and has the ability to tow up to three tonnes. Besides, there are 3 prototype versions , including an SUV, a sedan and a bus, all launched in 2021.

The Model V electric pickup truck debuted at Foxconn's Tech Day event. Photo: Bloomberg

Foxconn also expressed its ambition to gain 5% of the worldwide electric vehicle market by the end of 2025, as shared by the company's president, Liu Young-way, according to Reuters . Liu's main goal is that one day, Foxconn will also capture 40-45% of the electric vehicle market share, similar to the results it has achieved in the areas of computer and smartphone manufacturing.

Right now, Foxconn has no plans to sell cars under its own brand, just like it doesn't sell Foxconn smartphones. Instead, they want to make cars for other companies, in the same way that Austrian component supplier Magna Steyr makes some models for automakers like Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar. The car models that Foxconn has just launched show the development and production capabilities of the famous brand from Taiwan.

In the US, Foxconn has just begun manufacturing electric pickups in Lordstown, Ohio, the factory that used to produce small cars for General Motors (GM). Previously, GM sold the factory to Lordstown Motors - a startup that had plans to make electric pickup trucks in 2019. Then Lordstown sold the factory to Foxconn earlier this year, and in return, Foxconn agreed to manufacture. electric pickup for Lordstown - Endurance model - at this place. The car is expected to be delivered to customers by the end of this year.

Foxconn also has agreements with Fisker - the American car company - to produce an affordable small car called the Pear at the factory. In addition, a California-based startup, Indi EV, also agreed to work with Foxconn to produce cars, the Indi One model. In addition, Foxconn also agreed to produce an electric tractor model at the Lordstown factory.

It is not clear how much technology Foxconn owns in the above models. A Fisker representative has indicated that the Pear model could use some Foxconn components or software, but CEO Henrik Fisker owns the design. The Lordstown Endurance electric pickup does not have Foxconn components, but the two companies have agreed to work together on future models based on Foxconn technology.

Foxconn Model B urban electric car model. Photo: Bloomberg

But Foxconn already has an electric vehicle ready to be manufactured in its home country. The Model C will be sold as the Luxgen N7, with deliveries expected to begin in the second half of 2023. Luxgen's parent company, Yulon Group, and Foxconn have formed a joint venture called Foxtron in 2021 to develop it. and electric vehicle production.

The Model C is described as a 7-seater crossover. And recently, the Model B urban car - also launched at an event in Taipei - is mainly a miniature version of the Model C. The Model B model was designed by Pininfarina - the Italian company that designed Ferrari every day. For the past decade, as well as having cooperated with the Vietnamese car company VinFast for several years now.

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