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Second, the server whose information was found does not belong to the PDL. Meanwhile, the server containing the mysterious data resides somewhere lacking protection, perhaps on Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services.

Troia also said that some data may come from other data brokers. Oxydata, an information distribution company, has denied that it has violated the data, which means it was taken entirely legally.

To help the case unravel, Troia provided data for the clearing service HaveIBeenPwned. It allows users to see if their accounts have been compromised.

The most frightening thing, as Troia points out, if this is really just a breach of legal data then nothing will happen. No one was arrested and the fraudulent dealers were still out there. "Because of privacy concerns, cloud service providers will not share any information about their customers, making the case a dead end," Troia said.

"Agencies like the FBI may ask for this information through a legal process, but they are not authorized to force organizations to disclose details because no signs of leaking have yet to appear," he said. more.

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